Getting Started Building Your Own Tennis Court

Getting Started..

  1. To begin we recommend you click the court designer button above to play around with what size and color tennis court you wish to create. Add any accessories to the designer and then give us a call to discuss your creation. At this time if you have decided on the court size you want our staff will give you the length and width measurements you'll need for step 2.
  2. To begin with the VersaCourt tennis court tile system is designed to be placed on a hard level surface. The recommended subsurface in order of preference is a concrete or asphalt slab. There are certain areas of the USA that will not allow homeowners to install an asphalt or concrete slab in their yard. Check with you local building code official to determine what is and isnt allowable in your area. If you are located an area that does notallow one of these surfaces, please call to speak with our expert staff who will help you explore alternative options that may be available to you. For our purposes we will assume that it is allowable for you to install a concrete or asphalt on your property. To begin we recommend you call your local cement manufacturer. You have probably seen their cement trucks driving around locally, call them directly, and ask if they can give you a recommendation of 3 companies that do flat work in your area. Since the cement company only wants to deal with reputable companies you can be pretty certain that whoever they recommend will be a reputable company in their industry. Then call the 3 recommended companies and ask that they come out to see your property to give you a quote to install the slab. When they arrive you will tell them the size slab you want poured and hand them a copy of the slab install form (avilable under the product information tab above). This form will tell them exactly what type of slab is to be poured. If you have any accessories with ground sleeves or anchor kits that you also wish to have installed into the cement slab, such as a basketball goal, tennis net, soft net fencing, rebounders or any other accessory, let the slab installer know to include that in their quote. After you have received all 3 quotes, make your decision and call one of them to schedule a time to have your new slab installed.
  3. Place your order for tile and accessories. IMPORTANT NOTE: items needing to be anchored into the concrete need to be ordered and delivered to your location before the installation of the slab occurs.
  4. Your court will be painted in the factory warehouse and a photo of the finished court will be emailed to you for your approval prior to shipping. The tile will then be already clipped together in sheets measuring 4 tiles wide by 4 tiles long with each sheet labled. An install instruction grid will spell out exactly where each sheet will go on your new court simply lay it out according to the sheet (without clipping the tiles together at first) then after its all laid out simply clip the sheets together and your ready to start playing on your very own awesome tennis court!

Click a link to proceed: Court Designer Get a Quote Tile Specs & Colors Videos Photo Gallery